Sunsmart / Water Only


All children are required to wear a sunhat (no caps) when playing outside or as part of a physical education programme during terms 1 & 4.
If students do not have a suitable hat, they will be expected to play in the shade on the deck outside Kowhai block. 
Hats should be named as many of them look alike. Students need to wear these during school break times, and during any PE activities including walking to the swimming pool.
Sunscreen is available at the office.

Water and Milk Only School

Linden School is a water and milk only school. This is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health because sugary drinks (like fizzy drinks, sports drinks and juices) cause tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. They also make it harder for children to learn while they are at school.
Linden School is also part of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme. Each morning students are offered a free cartoon of milk to enjoy.
We also encourage everyone to eat a wide variety of healthy food. Any unhealthy food and inappropriate drinks will be removed by the teacher and returned at the end of the day.