About Us

We are a small community school that has been serving the Linden and Tawa area since 1952. With a long and proud history the school has pupils from New Entrant level to Year 6. With students from a wide range of cultures we are truly multicultural and represent a real slice of New Zealand.
At Linden School, our focus is on quality teaching to ensure every child achieves their potential.
We focus on building supportive community relationships and on providing high quality educational programmes where every child is valued and a passion for learning is developed.
Our dedicated staff take pride in the high standards of classroom programmes across the full NZ Curriculum range, with special emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. All teachers have a leadership role within the school management  and are involved in making the decisions relating to the learning and cultural aspects of school life so that all students are catered for and many opportunities are provided to meet the wide and varied interests of our students.
We are very proud of how frequently we celebrate the high achievement of our students in many different fields such as leadership, academic, sporting and the arts.
As well as five learning classrooms we have a library, hall, kitchen, and other spaces which can be used as flexible learning environments.
Each class has a TV, chrome books and ipads which are used in everyday learning. 
Kaitiakitanga (the processes and practices of protecting and looking after the environment) is an important concept at Linden School and we are involved in a number of different programmes to support this such as KETE, Pest Free Tawa, school orchard and vegetable plots, and class gardening.
In 2017 we added a new playground and fit track to the school grounds, and are consistently working on ways to provide new learning and play environments for our students. We created a new entrance way and adorned the motorway sound wall with 2 exquisite murals depicting working as a team (Te waka eke noa) and our school curriculum concepts of Hauora, Culture and Diversity, Community, and Causes and Effects.
We welcome you to find out more about Linden School by contacting us and making a time to visit and look around.