The Friends of Linden School hold regular lunches to raise funds for the school. An order form will be sent home and orders and money are returned to the school office. Lunches vary and range from sausage sizzles, muffins and hot and cold milos, to sushi, pizza, soup and lasagne. Occasionally school families will come in and prepare a cultural lunch. Previous cultural lunches have included Pacific Island Chop Suey, a Filipino lunch, Sri Lankan curry and rice, Taiwanese dumpings, Scottish Cottage pie and Shortbread and English Bangers and Mash with Scones.
Senior students help with the preparation of the lunches, set up the tables and chairs in the hall (where students eat their lunch in our pop up restaurant), and serve the lunches to their peers.
Spare order forms and bags to put the money in are available in the office.
If you would like to be involved in helping out with the lunches or help with a cultural lunch please let the Friends of Linden School group or school office know.