Skool Loop

To download this app onto your mobile devices search for Skool Loop in your app store. You can find out more information on the Skool Loop website.

If you need help to download the Skool Loop app contact the school office for assistance.
Skool Loop is a school information app for parents that provides up to date school information and contact details.
Below is the information that is available on the app:
AbsenteeWith absentee messaging, you can use the app to contact the school to give an update though direct dial, email, or text.
NoticesAll push notifications / instant messages sent from the school are recorded along with any other school notices or files.
PermissionParents and caregivers can also sign forms and permissions slips directly through Skool Loop’s attendance app feature. Once the forms have been completed and electronically signed, it can then be emailed directly to the school’s chosen email address.
CalendarViews School dates and events
ContactsProvides a list of important websites, phone numbers and email addresses of crucial contacts within the school. 
NewsletterKeep up to date with school community news and other school related information, with a direct link to the current school newsletter.