School Reports and Learning Goal Meetings

Learning Goal Meetings

At the beginning of each year whanau are invited to attend meetings with their child's teacher to set learning goals for the year.

School Reports 

The school reports are sent home to families twice a year, describing the successes each child has achieved in their learning. In mid-year reports, progress towards students’ learning goals is discussed.  In year-end reports, teacher comments describe progress since mid-year.

The graphs show progress and achievement over time in Literacy and Numeracy.

This is an example of what a graph on the report  looks like.

This graph shows a Year 5 (Y5) student with a current writing level at the beginning of Level 4 (L4-Beg). The yellow square is where you would expect  a student to be achieving. 

The ticks show student progress across all previous reports.

The teacher will also add personalised comments giving more explanation of what they have been learning, and what they are currently working on with your child.

Written reports are sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4.
Parent Interviews to discuss the school report  are held at the end of Term 2.
Parents are welcome to meet and discuss their child's progress at any time. Talk to your child's teacher or the office to arrange a time.