Years Two and Three

Years Two and Three in Room 2 with Bex Dabbs

Welcome to Room 2
I am Ms Dabbs, but I prefer to be called Bex. This is my third year at Linden and I am so grateful and lucky to be working in such a supportive, inclusive and fun school. Room 2 is a diverse melting pot of enthusiastic, energetic, motivated year 2-3 children who make coming to work all the more worthwhile. Even on days when I am not feeling at my best they pull me up and get me going.
Each day starts off with the class ‘Gru’ greeting students at the door with a handshake, hug or high-5 and then taking the roll. Students are encouraged to greet others in different languages and wait for an appropriate response. We try to keep to the same learning routine each day to reduce stress and anxiety in students that find unpredictability a challenge. Every student is randomly assigned class responsibilities such as compost, milk monitors, floor inspectors and class photographer. This encourage everyone to be responsibly, participate and care for our class environment.
This term I have introduced the class to meditation and everyday after lunch we sit and listen to meditation music and have learnt how to focus our minds. This has reduced the amount of time it takes to calm the class after a busy fun filled playtime.
As I mentioned Room 2 students are energetic so on fine days we try to be outside as much as possible either playing a class game, working with chalk or sitting on beanbags reading. On wet days we can be found dancing around and exercising to music.
I believe if you have fun with your students and show them that you are not afraid to be yourself in front of them then they feel safe and engage more with you through trust and respect.
Bex Dabbs

Room 2 Notices

Room 2 visits the school library on Wednesday. Books issued in the previous week must be returned before new books can be taken out.

Room Two Stationery List

Copy of Room 2 Yr 2 Stationery List 2019.docx