Years One and Two

Years One and Two in Room 2 with Ms Roberts

Welcome to Room 2
Kia Ora and welcome to Room 2
My name is Huitau Roberts and I am originally from Dunedin but had the privilege of moving to Wellington at the end of 2020 to become a part of this awesome school. I am a beginning teacher so not only is this my first year at Linden School but also my first year as a classroom teacher. I feel grateful that I get to begin my teaching experience in such a fantastic and supportive community and school.
Room 2 is made up of an amazing group of year one and two students who have already made 2021 my best year yet. We love all things music and can be found singing or dancing at any time. We have found a way to incorporate these aspects into our daily routine and I have noticed that these parts of the day are a highlight for both myself and the students. As a beginning teacher I am truly learning alongside the children and try my best to model that making mistakes is okay and a necessary part of the learning process.
Room 2 is extremely lucky this year as they get the wonderful Mrs. Winiata as their teacher in the classroom every Thursday.
If you have any questions, queries or just want to come and have a chat my classroom door is always open.

This is a really good game students can play that teaches them sounds of letters.

A good maths game site.

Room 2 students love yoga and this site combines stories with movement.

Room 2 Notices

Room 2 visits the school library on Wednesdays. Books issued in the previous week must be returned before new books can be taken out.

Room Two Stationery List

2021 Stationery List