Student Artworks

Room 8 Symmetry Patterns

Students used the letters of their name to create reflection symmetry patterns, they could chose either one or two line symmetry. They used pencil crayons to colour in and felt pen to outline their design.

Room 3 Ladybugs

Room 3 created a collage using coloured paper to show the ground and the ladybugs hidden in the grass. They added the ladybug details using a sharpie.

Block Art by Rooms 2 and 8

Students worked together to create this art piece by decorating cubes and joining them together in a wall.

Room 2 Fluro Flowers!

Students cut out circles from fluorescent paper, overlapping them to create the middle of the flowers. They used pencil and sharpie to add details like petals and bees.

Year Six

The students used pencils, sharpies and oil pastels to draw liquorice.