ERO Report


Linden School was visited by ERO review team in April, 2015. Their final report has now been released with areas of strength and areas of concerns identified laying out a clear pathway forward for the school.

An area of discussion was the staff changeover, especially that of the principal as progress moving forward slows down while new staff settle in. What was not mentioned, that the BOT feels important to note, is that the principals who have moved on from Linden School in the last 7 years, have all been on promotion to other schools within the Wellington region. This proves the calibre of principal Linden School has had in the past.

Raising student achievement is an on-going priority for the school and was identified by ERO as an area to keep tight focus on, especially for Maori students who, according to national research, underperform in most NZ schools. This is an area of intense interest to the BOT, and all avenues are being explored to provide meaningful learning for our Maori students.

Connecting with the school community enables this to occur much more successfully, so this will be one way we will move forward as a school. These partnerships, when strong, foster a greater love of learning and demonstrate the strong value placed on education.

Redeveloping the school curriculum to further take into account the local context and ideas important to the local community is underway. This will also feed into shaping the school charter and strategic plan. Staff, student, BOT and community voices will all be gathered during this review so it will become a jointly owned document.

The full ERO report can be viewed here.