Helping Hands

Our Vision…

At Linden School we have confident, competent, creative and considerate students and each year we will continue to develop these attributes in all of our students. To aid in doing so, we are gathering interest and volunteers to help provide more opportunities for our amazing students, and support for our school.


There are many different ways to help at Linden School -be that within the classroom, in the arts/sciences, on the sport’s field, in the environment, around the school etc…


From a few hours throughout the year to a weekly commitment over a term –any time you can spare will be of great help and support to our staff, students and community.


So, how can you help?

Take a look at the categories in the booklet (by clicking the link beside) and decide which roles you or a family member would be happy to take on independently or with the support of other parents/caregivers, like yourself. Each of the roles has an approximate time frame next to it so you can see when you may be called upon to fulfil the role.


If you are unsure of how to fulfil one of the roles listed, or you have another talent or passion you want to share, please contact us by emailing to discuss how we can work together for the benefit of our students.

Volunteer's Booklet