Class Capers

 Term 3, 2018
Last Friday, an amazing group of Room 7 and 8 learners, who didn't go to the Orange Day parade, worked hard to design and make superhero capes for each of the teachers to wear at the school "Superhero" themed disco.
The same talented artists also showed their creativity as they created these interesting 'looking' pieces of art. The goal of the pieces were to make our viewers think. What do you think about as you look at each one? (for the best effect, come into the office for a closer look!)
The wonderfully creative Mrs Skene worked in Room Three this week. Have a look at how well the Room Three crew put Humpty back together again...

Here's a sampling of writing from Pohutukawa kids. Come into the office for a read!

Room 8 (Yr4/5) are learning how to write explanations. What's your opinion about rubbish, plastic bags and game consoles?

This latest display in the office was brought to you by the creative Room 7 (Year 5/6) crew after a quick 30-40 minute session with Mrs Zimmerman, using pastels. Can you spot the chameleon hidden in the foliage?

 Term 2, 2018

Room Three have been learning to ask and write questions. Mrs Zimmerman read them a story and asked, "What makes you happy?" Room Three talked about what makes them happy, drew pictures of these things and then wrote about their pictures.

What makes you happy?
"...when my brother Tipene tickles me." said Awhina-Rose.
"...when I do silly dances and faces it makes me happy." Lilieimi replied.
"I like kitties because they are cute." said Damon.
"I like monsters." Talent declared.
"...going to Mission Inflatable." said Max.
"...when my papa laughs at me." smiled Ngametua-Vaine.

You can check out their work in the school office area.

 Term 3, 2018
In week 9, Mrs Zimmerman worked with Room 3 to create some symmetrical 'bugs'. Together we had a bit of a buggy day, using their letter of the week - Bb. The symmetrical butterflies and bugs can be seen hanging up in the school office.

After creating our bugs, we also drew what we thought germ (bugs) looked like close up. We recorded videos of our advice for how to avoid spreading germs and how to stay clean and healthy. These videos and photos are recorded on Room 3's Seesaw account for parents to see.

What a busy week! Room Two have created some poems about the staff at our school. Come into the office foyer to have a good read and see what you think!

Room Two created these awesome poems about feelings. Some worked collaboratively in groups or with a buddy, and others worked independently. Pop into the office and have a read.

Inspired by the incredible 'quick art' created by Room Seven, Room Three (NE-Year 2) had a go themselves and created this beautiful turtle. They liked how the puzzle came together to make a picture. What great collaboration!

WOW! What an achievement! Mina came second in the Coffee Club art competition and her picture is going to appear on the Coffee Club's medium size cups around Christmas time. Congrat's Mina!

 Term 2, 2018

We think Nicky is going to need to wear sunglasses as she works this term because in the last week of term two, Mrs Zimmerman revamped the office area!

Here are Room 8's 'Wacky Hair' art they did with Mrs Skene, Room 2's Bees they made using a variety of paint techniques, and Room 7's 'Maui and the Sun' pictures created for the art exhibition.

The aim is to update these displays every couple of weeks with a sample of work from each class. There will be a description about each piece of work alongside the displays so you can find out who created them, how they may have been created, and where to look for more.

In the last week, we were also fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of this
 gorgeous rainbow in the clouds -not something many of us had seen before!